Thursday, September 20, 2012

Eddie Would Go - One Year Update!

Hey All!

I am updating the blog - I know, I can hardly believe it either.  Karen sent me updates and photos promptly and I have been very negligent in here goes.  

A note from Karen:

Eddie is currently 66.8 lbs but I don't have height info. He is being neutered tomorrow.

As you know, Eddie has taken obedience and games and tricks classes this year.
He also LOVES to LICK EVERYTHING! Especially hands and feet.

Eddie has enjoyed many new experiences like playing in dog parks, going to the Pacific Ocean and camping in the Mt. Hood National Forest. He loves the water.

He is a bouncy, happy, smart, sometimes selectively deaf but mostly eager to please boy.
He is, as promised, a very loved companion dog!

ME:  BOY, can I relate to the LICKING comment...sorry, but they get that one from their mamma!  Zoe is still quite the licker, but doesn't hold a candle (or shall I say TONGUE) to Finn!

Eddie loves to chew anything including rocks, sticks and tennis balls.
Here he is camping and chewing on his wooden cigar.
Relaxing with a Stogie!
Thank you Karen!  Keep the updates coming!

P.S.  Finn was 60.5 pounds at his one year mark.

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Yes, I know; I know.  I owe everyone one-year updates!  Truth is I don't have mine together and have only heard from one other (well, two, but only one update thus far).  This is just a quick, "meanwhile" post I had to share.

Dateline:  September 12, 2012
Hubby (after being gone most of the day) came home and kindly gave Finn a break from his crate.  After about an hour in the home-office, he came upstairs to find this!  And this was after one pass of the vacuum cleaner.  Can only imagine the party that Mr. Finn had.

I think we'll be finding feathers around the house for a very long time!
Finn, Party of One!
 My living room floor...sporting the
after-party remnants.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


WOW!  Can you believe it's been one whole year since the little rascals were born?  It seems like it was so long ago, yet they grew up so fast.  A lot has happened in the last year I know, and it seems like a blur to me.

I think it's time to (finally) update the blog again.  Seems every time I look to do a new posting, the Blogger site has new updates.  

I'll be sending out a "Happy Birthday" email to all the Fast-Traxx puppers and their families today.  I'm hoping that everyone will provide a little bit about what is happening in their world, along with some photos.  I hear from most of the families on occasion but need to compile a summary for each one and get it posted.  Uhm...I obviously need to do the same with Finn.

So stay tuned...hopefully those responses will be rolling in soon.  Meanwhile, here if Finn's reaction to "Let's go get some water".  I meant a bowl of water; I guess the boy had other ideas.  Note how gentle Eddie was with his kiddie pool experience.  Finn had other ideas....

Sunday, July 1, 2012

 Yep, that's me...well, today anyway.  Can you believe it is JULY already?  I've mostly been super busy, but things are settling down now at work, so I have no more excuses!  
Below is a short video I received from Karen (aka, mommy of Fast-Traxx Eddie Would Go).  He hadn't seen water since a wee puppy, and he apparently thinks it is "interesting". I love the way his coat looks!  He's a super cutie ... I mean, what a handsome boy, he is!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Where has the time gone??  Isn't that always the case?  Six years ago, Zoe was born!!!  Happy birthday to all the Lime Creek's Code of Honor (Cody) x California Sunny Girl (Kallie) puppies!  Hope to get in more updates soon....and some updated photos as well.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend to ALL!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Been awhile, I know!

So, it has been quite awhile since I've done an fact, the blogger site has changed since I last logged in ~ really, they just go and change things on me?  Hmmm.  Hopefully, it works okay for me - not always the most savvy at this stuff you know.  Anyway, Karen sent me a couple of recent updates regarding Eddie and I wanted to get this up (ok, I was hoping to last week, but what can I say?).  So, here he is... Mr. Handsome, Mr. Well Mannered, Mr. Eddie:  (although "got the moves like Jagger") keep running through my head ;0)

Mr Handsome is right...I just want to hug this boy!!!  I guess I had it correct when I wrote, "SOME PUP!" in reference to him once upon a time... Although now I guess, "SOME DOG!" is more appropriate.  Thanks for sharing Karen.
Note from Karen:  This picture is so great I had to share it!  Everyone who saw this handsome boy at the park today complimented his looks, charm and manners. What a boy!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Note from Karen:

Here's the latest photo of Eddie.
He's added to his repertoire of tricks. Besides shake he will spin in either direction on command. He is so smart and learns so quickly.
My favorite command he knows is wait. It is awesome to be able to open the back of the SUV and not have a Labrador burst out like a jack in the box!
Eddie starts intermediate obedience class on the 21st. Maybe he will be the "doggie push ups" champion once again.
Eddie is fearless, trusting and so loving. Thanks for raising such a great pup!
So if you're wondering what Doggie Push Ups are (like I was), they are a set of sits and downs in quick repetition.  Eddie was the "winner" with 15 sets in 30 seconds!  He's a rock star puppy in my book.