Thursday, September 20, 2012

Eddie Would Go - One Year Update!

Hey All!

I am updating the blog - I know, I can hardly believe it either.  Karen sent me updates and photos promptly and I have been very negligent in here goes.  

A note from Karen:

Eddie is currently 66.8 lbs but I don't have height info. He is being neutered tomorrow.

As you know, Eddie has taken obedience and games and tricks classes this year.
He also LOVES to LICK EVERYTHING! Especially hands and feet.

Eddie has enjoyed many new experiences like playing in dog parks, going to the Pacific Ocean and camping in the Mt. Hood National Forest. He loves the water.

He is a bouncy, happy, smart, sometimes selectively deaf but mostly eager to please boy.
He is, as promised, a very loved companion dog!

ME:  BOY, can I relate to the LICKING comment...sorry, but they get that one from their mamma!  Zoe is still quite the licker, but doesn't hold a candle (or shall I say TONGUE) to Finn!

Eddie loves to chew anything including rocks, sticks and tennis balls.
Here he is camping and chewing on his wooden cigar.
Relaxing with a Stogie!
Thank you Karen!  Keep the updates coming!

P.S.  Finn was 60.5 pounds at his one year mark.

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